Resources of Corona Virus

Public Datasets for Research & Innovation on Coronavirus

  1. COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) – 29,000 articles on Coronavirus for text mining:
  2. COVID-19 Epidemiological Data Repository by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science & Engineering (JHU CCSE):
  3. European Center for Disease Control & Prevention (ECDC) – COVID-19 Epidemiological Data:
  4. U.S. Hospital Capacity Estimates (Harvard Global Health Institute):
  5. U.S. State COVID-19 Testing Data:
  6. Italy COVID-19 Data:
  7. WHO COVID-19 Data – Cases & Deaths in China (by province) and other countries:
  8. ACAPS COVID-19: Government Measures Dataset:
  9. World Bank Indicators (population health & healthcare systems) relevant to COVID-19:
  10. GeneBank COVID-19 Genetic Sequences:
  11. Next Strain – COVID-19 Genomics Database:
  12. API of Scrapped Data from MoHFW: Click here
  13. List of Labs and Testing Centres by ICMR (refer data attached in PDF. The site is down, the files are updated till 21st March 2020): Click here
  14. COVID 19 Network: Click here
  15. Code available at: Click here
  16. Health Related Dataset APIs available on OGD Platform: Click here

Source: Startup India Website