A Community for Women in Business

We help transform women in business to a BUSINESS DIVA!
DIVAZ4BUSINESS is an initiative of SPH Consultancy & eServices Pvt. Ltd. and supported by another project of ours SMARTEDGE to manage the future of work.

It is a movement started to connect women wannabe entrepreneurs, mainly educated housewives, working women and women business owners with practical information and knowledge on starting and managing the growth of their manufacturing, service and franchise businesses.

We also provide specialized support to growth stage women entrepreneurs, through the peer network and external experts through our SmartEdge initiative.

Divaz4Business – A Community for Women in Business
There are many women associations and women support groups, but not a single community which brings together all stakeholders of the women business together in a common platform. We aim to connect the dots of the fragmented eco system for women businesses through a community development approach by providing access to information on all aspects of business, with special focus to specific
needs of women.
Divaz4Business helps women led businesses to:
· Become aware of Business Opportunities,
· Help them to create linkages with Markets,
· Providing help to access Business Finance,
· Avail Virtual support for learning, mentoring and e-services to
support their businesses

For More Information write to smartedgeteam@gmail.com